Inspiration behind 'Mark'

I wanted to share with everyone what sparked the idea for my first painting series. There is a short answer to this and a long answer. 

Short Answer: I wanted to challenge myself with a series that was a play on words. The initial idea was to have each piece based off of a chapter in the book of Mark. Mark 1 would be made of 1 brush stroke. Mark 2 would have 2 brush strokes (or "marks") to express what was happening in that chapter and so on with Mark 3 through Mark 16. I quickly realized that I was not up for this challenge and changed it to solely exploring translating words into a visual representation. 

Long Answer: 

If you have been a part of my community here in Atlanta, then you know I have been struggling with some serious anxiety. Anyone who is going through this: you got this, but don't do it alone! My family helped to get me on the right track and through a lot of encouragement, I started going to a counselor. They don't call those people professionals for nothing. Counseling is probably one of the hardest and most draining experiences I have had. You go in FREAKING OUT about what you're going to talk about for the next hour because who knows where the conversation will go. And then you leave feeling like whatever has been weighing you down just got a little bit lighter. And also like you need to take a long nap and eat a chicken biscuit. 

After a little more than a year of counseling I have realized that there are three things that will keep my mind and my heart healthy:

  1. Jesus
  2. Creating
  3. Exercise 

Overall, three very simple things. Maybe you're could you not do those things? And that is a very long answer but basically what happens is that you get so far inside your head that you can't figure out which way is up and what brings you joy. So then you have to start a journey of self-discovery. Something I thought only really dramatic people do in movies. But then again, I'm pretty dramatic. 

After learning what makes me live a life where I'm excited to wake up and see what the day brings, I decided to pursue it with full force. I love that my first series is a pursuit of God's word through a huge creative challenge. I am learning so much about who I am in Jesus. And in turn I am learning what kind of artist I want to be, what kind of wife I am capable of being, what kind of friend I want to be to others and ultimately how I want to love and be loved. 



Next week I'll go through a few of my favorite pieces and what they are specifically depicting from Mark.