Mark I-IV: The Why Behind the Paintings

As promised, I'm diving into what inspired each piece in my series Mark. All of this is a pretty nerve-racking experience for me. I'm putting the most personal side of me out for all of the world to least, all of who is reading this. There's that pressure that everyone talks about to constantly post your "highlight reel" on social media or a blog like this but also be incredibly vulnerable. So usually what you get is a beautiful photograph with an intense comment about how that person got into a car wreck, or just had an anxiety attack, or their dog who should be out of the puppy stage isn't and it's really stressing them out in brand new ways they didn't know as possible. What I'm learning though, is can be really nice to read that someone else had a breakdown over their coffee spilling on them too. Just don't forget to share your missteps with people you're actually interacting with. It'll open some doors for new friendships. 

I'm getting way off topic though...onto the paintings!

Mark _1.jpg

Mark I

I wanted to be able to visually tell the entire chapter of Mark 1. Where Jesus started His journey and where he ended while including all of the events that happened in-between. If you follow the line, you'll see where Jesus is baptized and then as you go up it gets a little crazy. This is where he is tempted in the desert. As you continue through this line, it is meant to show how He went all around Galilee attracting crowds and healing many (which is what the dots represent). Mark closes with Jesus healing a leper and the line goes off the page depicting the end of this chapter.  

Mark II

This painting encompasses one specific event in Chapter 2 unlike Mark I where the entire chapter is represented. I've always loved the story of Jesus healing the paralytic. Or how I've always thought of it, 4 dudes ruining someone's roof and lowering their buddy down to the floor. I mean, the boldness! My dad once said that he envisioned it being some rowdy teenagers that heard Jesus was in town and came up with this bright idea. It made me love this example of God's healing even more. There is so much to learn from this one paragraph that it teaches me a new image of Jesus' love for us each time I read it. 

Mark 2.jpg

Mark 3.jpg

Mark III

My rendition of Chapter 3 is the least abstract painting in the series. I wanted this to have a more literal feeling as well as try out some new techniques. The overlay design is a fishermen's net to represent the passage in Matthew 4, "I'll make you fishers of men." There are 12 lines to represent each of the disciples that are introduced to us.

Mark 4.jpg

Mark IV

Parents can't have favorites, but artists can. This is easily one of my favorite paintings. I love the patterns, the colors and especially the meaning behind these marks. In Chapter 4, Jesus talks about the parable of the sower. He teaches us how a farmer scatters his seeds among different environments and how the seeds grow (or fail to grow) depending on their surroundings. This painting challenges me to surround myself with encouragement and love through good friendships and self-care. It also reminds me to create nurturing environments at work and in my home. In short, it inspires me to be intentional.